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Sidewinder Media are here to provide services for the modern local business whether those services be online or offline.

There are many local businesses that haven't got a web site at all. Times are changing and local advertising is now mainly done on the internet. More and more people are using search engines like Google to find a local business. This is why having a web site is so important. We can design your web site and provide reliable hosting for it. For more details see Web Sites

If you are a professional and need potential customers to understand that you are the authority in your field of business then you could give them your business card. But what if you could give them your published book with lots of information about your talents? You could also be selling your book to your customers and selling it worldwide on Amazon for real money. There is a lot of power in having your own book and Sidewinder Media could provide you with that book in just a few weeks. Have a look at our Book Authoring and Publishing page.

Although main web sites that can be viewed on a PC or laptop are the main stay of the industry there is a new more vibrant contender that is starting to gain a lot of ground. More and more people are getting mobile phones that can do the most amazing things. One of these is the ability to access the internet. 20 000 people buy a new internet ready mobile phone in the UK every day. All of these people want to find things on the internet. They could be looking for your company, your service or your product. You need a different type of web site for this. You need a Mobile profile web site.

It is a good thing to have a web site but if nobody can find it you won't get much benefit from it. One good place to start is by having a really good Google places page. This in itself will get you on the map and noticed. We can review and update your google places page and if you haven't got one we can create it for you. See details on the Google Places page.

Google local search is the next big thing. If you think people still look in the yellow pages and read through adverts in local newspapers then think again! When people want to find something local they now use the Google search engine. We can help you to not only get on the first page of a Google local search but to totally dominate it. See Google Local Search Page for details.







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